Fran Sancisco by Vinyl Earl and the Perpetually Puking Porpoises


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long ago liberty pinioned wing eat bubbles breathing under stink molecules in my heart and digging up fratres old mabbeled doo hickey's freaking concrete, in the pale matter I saw a light. The swaying breeze and the elm trees reach out and beacon me like Otis Redding taking off his jacket in the middle of a performance and the mittle of a set during the hit song I've been loving you. two dogs love each other and make pies in the shady shade of a deciduous pine tree in the winter.

Listen you men of faith!
I was a rebel and they chose to froze me in Vinyl. I was a MOJO and they ate my soul with VINYL.. Sheep eat Vinyl. I was a beast and the shrew is voted the most dangerous rodent, One could say the Lion of the Rodent kingdom.

Wine-headed undercover man ls leading me to Martin Van Buren playing tiddlywinks with little Van Burens.



from LACRIMOSA, released April 29, 2013



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Darwin's Finches Galveston

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